Permission Granted

I am sitting in my messy office pretending that I am going to write...very very soon. Now I have picked up Heather Sellers's Chapter After Chapter and, instead of writing, I am reading her.

"If you're not good at making time to sit down and write every day, give yourself a month to learn how to do just that. Try to find fifteen minutes a day. Delete a television show or a meeting or quit doing the dishes after dinner. If you can't do fifteen minutes, start with five. Go sit in your writing room for five minutes a a day for a month. Do exercises--perhaps like the ones in this book--or just let yourself daydream. Write by hand, slowly, making little notes and sketches. Ease yourself into a disciplined writing life." (15-16)


  1. I have all the time in the world for a few weeks and I can't think of much to say except to you. The book sounds great, but my stack of unread books is also great. I did try writing carefully written letters as Abby does and it was calming.

    Now I'm cooking fish and I made a blueberry crisp. That's the writing of the day.

  2. I have a Grace Paley poem about making a pie instead of a poem. I'll try to find it and post it here. ;)

  3. Love it. I don't "make time" to write, so much as I bulldoze through the rest of my life while I write. By that I mean, nothing else get's done because I'm busy, writing.


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