(15 of 40) My Big Insight

During last night's class I think I experienced one of those major breakthroughs that we all work toward and hope for. Well, that creative people work toward and hope for.

I listed the things that stand in the way of my passion -- my writing -- and the list was the same as it always is. My husband and kids, my teaching job (whine, whine, whine, if they would only give me more space and time to write, if the universe would only let me be a full time writer). And then I got it.

It isn't my husband, kids, and students that get in my way, it's my BELIEF that they get in my way that gets in my way.

Am I making sense?

I felt as though someone or something had just rapped its knuckles on the kitchen window of my soul and said, "Hey!" They aren't obstacles. They're GIFTS.

And if I hadn't been sitting with a group of supportive writers, writing, I would never have gotten there.