(30 of 40) What You Nurture Will Grow

Yesterday I took my girls and a friend's toddler to the pumpkin farm. Having the toddler with us was quite a treat, but I was also pleased to see how "little" my three big girls can still act. Everyone was delighted by the pumpkins, the farm animals (a very sweet black and white calf, chicks, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, not to mention the pigs).

It's late Sunday night after a busy weekend, and I'm perfectly happy to have spent almost every minute of the weekend with my kids. It isn't necessarily profound, and one needn't even be all that nurturing. But what we pay attention to does grow. Pay attention to anger, your resentment, your status as a beleagured victim of circumstances, or -- you can pay attention to what brings you joy, what makes you grateful -- and even if you are incredibly busy, a few minutes of thirsty attention to your writing over a few days will eventually show results.