A few years ago, a friend of my older daughters' contacted me and said she wanted to do some writing and would I help? We kicked around the idea of a small class built around her, then I said, "Just come over one night next week and we'll write." 

Thus began about four months of Thursday evening visits. We would sit in my writing cabin and I would give us a prompt and we would both write. In those busy years of ages 9-13 or so, she had been a frequent visitor at our house, and always a favorite. It made me happy to hang out with her. 

One evening I asked her to list several words. I listed some, too. We wrote them on index cards and then drew them, and wrote a poem using the words we had picked. This is what I came up with. Oh, and it's relevant that she was planning her wedding at the time.

No idea what it all means, but it was fun. 

Little Exercise with Wine and Sunset

Wine and sunset, reduced to words

on a page. What's love

if you've melted like Dorothy's wicked witch 

into an amalgam of cells? 

(Put me in a bucket, my darling, 

carry me with you.)

See these ligaments, piping 

like tiny green frogs in the dark? 

Where's your brilliant sunset this time?

Will your wings melt

into a puddle? Will you taste of wine 

when I kiss you? 

Will I?