The Divine Miss Em

My daughter Emma (10 years old) saw my blog and wanted to read the Melina poem. I read it aloud to her, and she said, "That's not a very good poem." She then asked me to write one for her (assuming, I guess, that she would make an inspiring topic). So here's my one-bad-poem from a couple days ago.


For Emma

I put my daughter on the passenger ferry
with seventy-nine other intrepid souls.
She's wearing a sky-blue sweatshirt,
though the sky, this morning,
is an unrelieved gray, a foggy ceiling so damp
it pulls her hair into ringlets.
The ferry sails. Her sweatshirt has a hole
in the wrist. She pokes her hand through
to wave goodbye.


  1. I love this poem you wrote for your honest Emma - the ferry, the color of Emma's sweatshirt and the day, the ringlets from the damp. I hope Emma knows this is a really
    good poem - full of love. Now I must figure out how to get a daily reminder to look at your blogspot. Love, Carolynne

  2. Carolynne, thank you so much -- you are a gem!


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