Poetry Postcard Month

Our August Poetry Postcard blitz is at an end. Here's my one-bad-poem from yesterday. I need a picture of wine glasses, but don't have one.

This Afternoon

I met my friend Ann at the waterfront
restaurant for a glass of wine,

two glasses, and Tuscan bread
which is French bread (incongruously)

draped with tomato and basil and mozzarella.
We talked about writing,

about writing students, and how a teacher
if not careful (if her students are lucky)

can pour her whole self out
into a single class. We ordered

another glass of wine. An osprey
sailed over, looking for prey.


  1. Bethany,

    I don;t think that's a bad poem. The commentary (incongruously) can be taken out, but I enjoyed how the poem flowed, the luminous details and the ending.

    Thanks for playing along this year.


  2. Paul! So nice to see a comment and I agree. If someone doesn't know that Tuscany isn't in France, they won't understand what the incongruously is doing there anyway. Thanks -- Bethany


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