A plum morning, red oak and purple sweetgum leaves--

overhead, gray clouds.

Image from http://www.weather.com/outlook/photo/read/fallfoliage/1C734E9B-D980-40D2-B259-12C70BDE87B3


  1. Conjures up Edmonds images of fall even without the picture. My nearly 95 year old mother takes the Sweetgum leaves and decorates the seat of her walker when she takes her walks around her yard. Carolynne

  2. Carolynne -- I've been thinking of you, and here you are! I love the story about your mother and the sweetgum leaves. I didn't know what they were until my friend Thom (at work) stood at my office window with me and identified all the trees in sight. (Yes, it was wonderful.) Bethany


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