She puts us into groups of three
and writes WHEN FEEL NEED
on the whiteboard. We're to practice saying
"when you...I feel...I need..." so the first of us
rehearses an upcoming conflict
with an ex-husband and another
a confrontation she expects to have
with her coworker, while I
try to rewrite a bad script played out
only last night with my daughter.
But it turns out all three of us in our small group
are moms and we talk about that
and what we really want to say
to our teenagers ends with I need you
to be small again so that I can buckle you
into your stroller and take a walk
to clear my head.


  1. That face in the picture, that face has been my child's face, and my child face looking at my mother or not looking, that face says it all as do your words which make me feel better about my very grown up children who still display sometimes that same face, but now more often on the phone. Thanx, Carolynne from AZ


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