she lived

I can't resist putting up a poem by the inimitable Lucille Clifton. This is from The Book of Light.

she lived

after he died
what really happened is
she watched the days
bundle into thousands,
watched every act become
the history of others,
every bed more
but even as the eyes of lovers
strained toward the milky young
she walked away
from the hole in the ground
deciding to live. and she lived.

And here's a link to her obituary in The Washington Post:


  1. I'm sure I heard Lucille on the PBS newshour and it doesn't seem that long ago - I loved what you wrote about her and what she wrote about - I loved her advice about not bragging on your kids else you'll have to also mention the other side and I loved that she told you to get yourself a baby but that it wouldn't solve anything. She's right on. I loved all the details, the bacon and eggs and all. Love, C

  2. I almost missed this comment...I'll look up the broadcast on-line. She was really a powerful figure, and I wonder if you've seen her poem about her hips?


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