Today My Heart

Today my heart is a tabby cat
curled under a bed.

Gray window, gray sky, gray
rain falling. One white bird --

wings shimmering
like a promise of light.


  1. Shout out to Carolynne:

    The hand (against a mirror) is Pearl's. When I check my digital camera I can always count on finding -- oh, say 80 pictures of the cats, and 80 of Pearl, holding the camera at arm's length and doing her own version of the photo op. Over and over.


  2. You may not check this, but I finally figured out how to see your message - so simple - 80 pictures of one thing I can relate.

    We are trying to get ready to leave Friday for home for a month or so - I don't like the leavings and comings - I get a bad case of OCD and clean drawers! Love, Carolynne

    Love, Carolynne


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