One daughter left for NY this morning with her choir (at 4 a.m.). Her twin sister (and I) spent the weekend in the hospital -- emergency appendectomy. It's my spring break between quarters and I have an ever-constant shadow (my poor sickly girl) saying, "What are you doing now?" "Can I go with you?" I go back to teaching full-time on Monday -- three classes beginning at 9 a.m. each morning. What will happen to my morning writing? When will I have time and space to write again? With 80 students writing papers, when will I have time to do anything else?

I open a book, Soul-Kissed by Ann Tremaine Linthorst, and I find this litany I've sometimes heard in church:

All will be well
all will be well
and all manner of things
will be well.


  1. Dear Bethany - I think Teresa of Avila said that - some saint anyway - all shall be well - easy to say but it's like living in the moment - some moments are easier than others.
    I am happy Annie's appendix didn't burst and that she was home and not in say India at the time or Neah Bay for that matter - Everything is on Schedule my Aunt Lorraine has told me faithfully since 1962 and I always believe my Aunt Lorraine. Shirley MacLaine was in India, I think in the Himalaya's, when she needed an emergency appendectomy - doesn't that just make you feel fortunate? Love, Carolynne

  2. Yes it does make me feel fortunate. This weekend I came down with the flu and one of my profound insights was how much I take good health for granted!

    Thanks for the Teresa of Avila reference. I'm going to look that up!

  3. My aunt Evelyn always said, "It will all come out in the wash." I will add aunt Lorraine's "Everything is on schedule" to my list. :)

    Also, an eagle just wafted by my 3rd story office window. All will be well.

  4. An eagle wafting by your window is no small thing, what if you hadn't looked up at that very moment? - a very good sign. When I asked Annie yesterday if she had laprascopic surgery she didn't know, said he had 3 incisions so I told her she had "it." She said, "They had trouble finding my appendix." Love, Carolynne


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