"Learn to listen when you're talking to people. Listen to how people say things, to what they really mean, because people frequently say one thing and mean another. Learn to separate the wheat from the chaff and look at your own poetry the same way." --Nikki Giovanni

What this has to do with lemons, I'm not sure. But I liked the picture.


  1. Very wise words. Wish I heeded them more often.

  2. I think those are oranges?

    And when you listen and hear - repeat it back out loud - your mind needs to hear your voice - it remembers better that way.

    Listen: I learned the frog pose in Yoga today. I'm saying this out loud so I don't forget.

  3. Maybe we have to learn to listen to ourselves before we can hear anyone else?

    I'll keep working on this, too.

  4. That is a profound thought - WOW


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