I have spent the entire day (9 hours) finishing my grades, munching on cran-raisins and almonds (no lunch), drinking way too much coffee. I'd leave for home now, but first I have to walk through the pouring rain to my car, and then it's a 35-minute drive. It's 2010, shouldn't there be Add Imagea Star Trek like transporter device that I could simply step into?

It's all good. My students' creative nonfiction essays were nothing short of brilliant and I enjoyed reading them. My daughters want to get a Christmas tree tonight. Tomorrow morning when I get up, it will be the first day of my holiday break. I'll read some poetry. And I'll write a poem.

"The future is uncertain but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity." -Ilya Prigogine


  1. You made the whole experience sound cozy and happy, grading papers all day, loving the essays, what a good teacher you are in all ways.


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