What I Forgot on Tuesday

From a class exercise. No claims for poetry (bad or otherwise).

I forgot what day it was.
I forgot my cell phone.
I forgot my keys.
I forgot to take my calcium pill.
I forgot my book.
I forgot my whiteboard markers.
I forgot what you said.
I forgot my place.
I forgot what I was trying to say.
I forgot why, but I still forgot.

Image from Phoenix Locksmiths


  1. Truer words..........whoever wrote that really hit the mark was it you?

  2. We were supposed to write a list of what we "did" two days earlier, and that was my list. I think I could work it into a poem-like riff, but right now it's just a list.

    I'm waiting for the grant that will enable me to stare out the window and write poetry full-time. :) Shouldn't there be a job like that?


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