Diana Raab

I just stumbled across Diana Raab's essay, "Writing: A Sweet Release," in Superstition Review Spring 2010. It's about her breast cancer surgery, and writing. And it is so wonderful I simply have to share it with you.



  1. I pasted in the superstition website and it goes to search. I went to SuperstitionReview.com and couldn't find Diana Raab. (I saw you though) I am intrigued by the title.

  2. Dang, I'm just not very good at these links. I need a blog-mentor!

    If you go to nonfiction at the Superstition Review site, I think you can find Diana Raab that way. Her essay is worth it.

  3. They don't have an essay heading - but I did find something on their Blog about Sherman Alexie in Tempe which was 2/7 - 240 miles from here and past. I went also to non-fiction, Diana won't show herself to me - it's okay


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