One Bad Poem (7.8.11)

My older daughters just turned 18, and I have been reflecting on how "wired" they are to their friends and boyfriends. So, here's an attempt from the other day. We were in Leavenworth.

Reassuring Fanny

I have come to the mountains
to read Jane Austen. In the hotel room
my teenaged daughters are Skyping
with their boyfriends. In Mansfield Park,
dear little Fanny is feeling unmarriageable.
I've read Austen before,
Emma three times, so I could reassure
Fanny that the book is young,
that a suitable groom
will surely appear. Or I could tell her
that I don't always like my husband,
that I often wish I could get
disentangled from all bonds.
No matter, as Jane Austen reminds us,
on this plane of existence, relationship
is a big deal. How Jane
found the nerve to remain single,
that's the story I'd like to read.
I look across the parking lot as if
to see her, striding hatless away,
whistling her asymmetrical tune.