(39 of 40) The Writing Career

Tuesday evening my daughter Annie dragged me and her sisters down to Secret Garden Bookstore in Ballard (http://www.secretgardenbooks.com/) to hear her favorite author, Tamora Pierce. (For her personal bio, click here: http://tamorapierce.com/bio.html.)
My friend Valorie sent Annie and Pearl two Tamora Pierce novels (Alanna, the First Adventure was, I think, one of them) when they turned twelve. I read one out loud, and then Annie took them over. I didn't read fast enough. She has since collected -- and read multiple times -- every one of Pierce's novels. Mastiff was released only on Tuesday, and, yes, we bought that one, too.

I wish I had Pierce's author-talk on a tape recorder. She didn't read aloud as authors often do on such occasions. She talked -- extemporaneously and in response to questions -- for over an hour. The bookstore was packed (we were standing between shelves to the side), and no one wandered away. In fact, a few people stumbled into the store to buy books and, mesmerized, stayed to listen.

The woman is a writing machine, with 27 books to her credit. She reads widely -- true crime and FBI reports are favorites -- apropos to my recent posts, Does she revise? Yes. "Writers revise," she said, or scolded, adding, "and the writers who say they don't revise, are the ones who especially should."