What I'm Reading

The other day a malfunction in the elevators and some nasty smoke resulted in the evacuation of my building at Everett Community College. Under a barrage of blaring alarms, I walked out of my office without grabbing my bookbag. Fortunately, I picked up my coat.

A lot of us stood around and talked just outside Gray Wolf Hall, shivering, thinking we would be allowed to re-enter in only a few minutes. But, no such luck. Finally, I went to the mailroom. I walked through the Parks building, where food services is housed, and thought about asking for a latte on credit, then wandered down to the library. In the library, I don't need I.D. They know me. I picked up two books: one titled How To Haiku (no doubt you will hear more about that later); the other, Jay Parini's Why Poetry Matters."Why poetry matters? Preaching to the choir, Mr. Parini?" I discovered that it is full of gems. Here's the epigraph to the preface:

"Life is energy, and energy is creativity. And even when individuals pass on, the energy is retained in the work of art, locked in it and awaiting release if only someone will take the time and the care to unlock it." -Marianne Moore