Update (day 4)

It's 8:30, and my girls and I are settling down to watch Grimm, streaming this week's episode, which we couldn't watch last night, for various reasons.

I had a so-so day on my goals, which isn't bad considering that it's Saturday. I got up at 5:50 and, after doing the scribbling that I do every morning in my journal, I worked on the poetry manuscript for over an hour. The day commenced at 8:00 (a ringing phone)...and continued nonstop until 6 p.m., when Annie asked if I'd go to Barnes & Noble with her and do homework. Yes!

Once we had our lattes and hot chocolates, I took out my historylink.org notes and started working.

Annie was stumbling around, not starting her research paper about serial killers, and she asked me why I had written the time down at the top of my notebook page. "It's what I do, especially when I'm procrastinating on a project. I make a deal with myself to work for 15 minutes. And even though I'm the queen of procrastination, I usually end up working for a little more than 15 minutes."

Annie's eyes widened. "I'm the queen of procrastination," she said.

"So work for 15 minutes."

"And then I can take a break?"

Twenty minutes later she was reading a People magazine (hottest male stars issue), and I was reading short stories by Daniel Woodrell. (So much for working at a bookstore coffee shop.) But I had a time-line for my article, and Annie had two paragraphs written for her paper.

Did I mention that Emma was with us? She found the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and by 8:00 had read 113 pages. I had to buy her the book so we could go home.