Update (day 6)

Yes, I did manage to work yesterday, though I didn't make it on-line to post about it. Early in the morning I worked for an hour (again) on the poetry manuscript (which I think I had better let go of soon).

I meant to get to the article early in the day, but instead I did laundry, balanced my checkbook, and graded papers. About 7:00, after dinner (and kids out of the house), I sat down in my green chair, determined to work for at least fifteen minutes. Then the phone rang. At 8:00, even though the kids had come home by that time, I worked for 20 minutes. Believe it or not, I had a breakthrough and I think I have my first actual paragraph now.

I made a calendar and got out my foil stars and gave myself a star for every day I've worked at least 15 minutes.