Update (1)

Yesterday I checked "student papers" off my list. (Hurrah!) Yes, I do have another set waiting, but they are not long, creative projects, just book reviews, and I can do them quickly (and without writing letters back).

Yesterday I went to Writing Lab (this is a write-time lab for faculty and staff at my college; I direct it) and found only one person waiting for me. We talked for 20 minutes, then decided to go back to our student papers. A gift, of a sort, but it didn't help me make progress on my historylink.org article, which I have been pecking away at each week for the hour of Writing Lab.

I had a meeting at 3:30, then, at 5:00, my daughter Annie called to see if I would meet her at the Mukilteo Library to do homework. During that hour, I typed a very bad draft of the article. This was big -- as, until now, it's been confined to scribblings in a notebook.

I just now pulled it off my flash drive and printed it. Now to work on it some more.

I'll let you know tomorrow how I did.