My Grading Blues...

Since Monday I've been lugging around three sets of student papers. Finally, the oldest set has been returned to their proper owners, and a second set (due waaaayyy last Tuesday) is now more than halfway complete.

I've always enjoyed teaching. It's so much better than waiting tables or banking or being an office clerk. But, grading papers? Nah, don't like it, never have, probably never will. Even so, winning a poetry prize has done a lovely job of shifting my mood. Papers? No big deal.

So here's a treat for Elizabeth George fans, an interview from Author Magazine, in which she reflects as much on her earlier work as an English teacher, as she does on her amazing novels. When all three of my sets of papers are returned, and I'm caught up on emails (such as sending a bio to Writers & Books!), I intend to treat myself to a copy of George's new book, Believing the Lie.