So...what falls down...

I had this idea to post every day -- for at least a while -- and share a picture each day. I also want to move to a new site, Word Press or Author's Guild. But I think I might postpone that decision a while longer.

This afternoon, I am at my college, sitting at my desk, grading essay quizzes and discussion boards, trying to get caught up with my classes. But my brain is racing. I'm reminded of something my mom said, Sunday night as we settled down for her first night at the retirement community. "I still read, but I start thinking instead and I don't remember anything I'm reading."

Even if it's chaos, I want to be fully present with all that's going on in my life right now. That means getting my daughters through the last few weeks of school (choir concerts and field trips, classes, Emma's grades), getting my students through these final two weeks, and my mom...and writing...and...  Well, there's always going to be the writing.

Here's a picture. It must be from about 1965, as that's my brother Eric (the redhead) standing beside Mom. This barn -- the "new barn" when I was a kid -- fell down in 1985.