When Life Happens

I have one million things going on in my life, but from five until seven this morning, I sat in my cabin and drank coffee and wrote. I typed!

Today I'm sending my poetry manuscript with changes to Writers & Books. Tomorrow morning I'm driving to Oregon with my friend Carla (and 45 student papers) for the Compose Writers Conference at Clackamas Community College. (That's a lot of C's.) This is my second poetry event this week, by the way. The first was an interview with a colleague's 20th century American literature class (they asked great questions that made me want to hole up somewhere and write more poems).

This coming Wednesday evening, 7 p.m., I'm giving a lecture on The Scarlet Letter at the Everett Public Library.

Oh, and my mom is moving Memorial Day Weekend.

When I catch my breath, I'll let you know more. As I tell my students -- when life happens, writers get to say, "I will survive this, and I will write about it."