Where a Poem

I haven't been sending out poems regularly -- last year I submitted work maybe three or four times, total. But this year I have a goal to reach 100 submissions, and after working for four days straight, I'm already at 17 (and 2 acceptances!). 

So I'm working with my "circulating" file, and I'm going to retire a few poems. Here's the first one.

Where a Poem                                                 

Where a poem will come from      
this morning, I don’t know.
I’ve searched through books, sifted

through a stack of loose papers, 
rubbed together two old poems, 
hoping for a spark. But all 

the poem wants this morning 
is silence. I have to wait for it
a long time, pen in hand, 

notebook open like a snare,
before the poem, of its own 
volition, comes.